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We all work with Tech these days and have a range of apps and software that are our Tech Tools (aka Tech Stack).

So why not organise those tools and understand what you use them for, and how much they are costing you on a recurring basis.

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Want to learn more about what is ClickUp?  Check it out here – it’s the app that does it all!

This is the beginning of having efficient and easy to use Business Workflows, Processes and SOP’s within a single place to store it all

View your tools in Lists, Boards, Calendars, Gantts or Tables.

The choice is yours.

Easily switch between dark or light view anytime, and choose which device you use.

Simple, Quick and Efficient —  just how a Tech Tool  should be

Creatives Tech Toolkit - ClickUp template
ClickUp Tech Toolkit template

$ 37.00

What's included ...

Hey there, I’m Kylie.

I’ve been involved and enjoyed working with Technology (software and applications) for over 30 years now either learning myself, or implementing for small business & large corporates and teaching users how to use that tech.

Over the years I’ve been very successful at implementing and teaching others how to use various applications and software and was often head hunted as a consultant in The United Kingdom, The Republic of Ireland, New Zealand and my home country of Australia.  In fact, I was able to spend 20 years travelling and living where ever I wanted because of my skill and experience.

Now I’m using my experience to create Digital Products and Online Courses to help you become your best Tech Savvy self


Once your payment has successfully processed you will receive an email with login details to the Online Tutorials.

Your access link to the ClickUp Tech Toolkit template is in the 1st lesson.

Once enrolled you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like.

You can use ClickUp and the online course content on any device you have web access, including Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Smart Phone.

ClickUp is a productivity application (aka app) that can be used for many purposes, most commonly:

  • Project Management
  • Task Management and Reminders
  • Process Flows
  • Creating your own Wiki or Knowledge Management (saving information and files for later)
  • Saving notes and documents with tags to find easily later

There are many more ways individuals and teams use ClickUp, and you can check it out here to learn more.

I am an affiliate for ClickUp, and am promoting the Free plan with the ClickUp Tech Toolkit template, and as a fan and super user myself on their Business Plan I am happy to promote tools I think will benefit you.

Yes, the ClickUp Tech Toolkit template is created with the ClickUp app and to use it you will need a ClickUp free plan, or paid, to utilise the template.

There are both free and paid plans for ClickUp and you only need the Free plan to use the ClickUp Tech Toolkit template.

I personally use the paid version as I utilise many of the options with the ClickUp tool with automations for planning tasks and projects for all my online courses, content calendar, podcast and generally running my business.

If you’d like to learn more, check it out ClickUp here.

This template is created with ClickUp and can only be used with ClickUp.

The idea behind it is to organise all your Tech Tools into a single place, which you could also create yourself in a spreadsheet or other type of document or task management application.

I tried this and I found the ease of use to make changes, and create views/reports easily was better achieved with a tool that allowed you to create a database.  ClickUp does this easily, which is why I chose it to create this template.

The online tutorials are available to you as soon as your purchase has been successful and lasts as long as you would like access and for the lifetime of Tech Savvy Creatives.

Life is pretty busy and I know you need options to jump in and out of when they suit you, so the tutorials are designed for you to watch and work through at your own pace and in any order you need.

What are you waiting for?

Grab your template and get your Tech Toolkit sorted!

$ 37.00