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This online course is available for Pre-Order at a heavily discounted price while we all wait patiently for the new release of Aeon Timeline 3 from the developers over at Aeon Timeline.

As soon as possible after the software release my online course: Learn Aeon Timeline 3 will be available.  You’ll be updated on progress all the way.

Currently Aeon Timeline 3 is planned for release in early 2021.

  • Easy to understand Videos with Demonstrations for Mac and Windows users (with Captions)
  • Cheat Sheets (listing step by step what to do)
  • Transcripts of all the video’s

The full Course Outline will follow shortly, once the details of the software release for Aeon Timeline 3 is known.

But rest assured, my online course will include every menu feature plus ways useful to use the product for Writers & Bloggers, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners which will include Novels and Project Management.

Pre-Order price is available until Aeon Timeline 3 has been released

Now I’m using my experience to create Digital Products and Online Courses to help you become your best Tech Savvy self

Hey there, I’m Kylie.

I’ve been involved and enjoyed working with Technology (software and applications) for over 30 years now either learning myself, or implementing for small business & large corporates and teaching users how to use that tech.

Over the years I’ve been very successful at implementing and teaching others how to use various applications and software and was often head hunted as a consultant in The United Kingdom, The Republic of Ireland, New Zealand and my home country of Australia.  In fact, I was able to spend 20 years travelling and living where ever I wanted because of my skill and experience.

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